Salesforce Architect

Hire a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) on a retained or project basis to support the internal team or provide oversight for an implementation partner led project
A Salesforce Architect can help establish a best-practice Salesforce environment that encapsulates solution governance, technical standards and key process elements such as change control and release management. On a practical level the Salesforce Architect provides an escalation point for Salesforce related issues and can perform expert assessment of solution design options and emerging technical build components.

The Salesforce Architect may also work with key stakeholders to develop tactical plans and a strategic roadmap for the Salesforce implementation that considers key business drivers, internal competencies and organisational goals.
The Retained Architect engagement is based on an agreed number of days per-month across a set period of time. The minimum term for this engagement is 6 months, the number of days per month is completely flexible. This engagement model can be particularly effective in providing support and expertise to an internal team tasked with implementing Salesforce or where a complex programme of work is to be delivered across a series of distinct projects.
The Project Architect engagement is intended for short-term, project specific requirements and typically involves an agreed set of discrete tasks or defined project accountabilities. As an example, the Project Architect may be tasked with documenting and implementing a best-practice environment strategy and related release management process. Alternatively, the Project Architect may assume the technical architect role for the project and becomes accountable for all aspects of this role.
As a Salesforce ISV Partner with an application listed on the AppExchange. Audit9 can provide technical guidance to ISV developing solutions for the Salesforce platform in the areas listed below.
Security Review (Audit9 can review your codebase pre-submission).
ISV Development Process, Org-strategy and Release Management.
ISVForce Process (License Management, Partner Orders).

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